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About Us/History

High Friction Surfacing

Our company, Arkil Ltd is operating in Ireland since 1988, producing many construction materials, with particular emphasis on road construction materials.

Arkil Ltd has three quarries in Kildare, Cork and Kerry, where all types of asphalts, macadam’s, stone aggregates, natural stone, building stone, clause 804, high PSV chips, (Psv60, Psv65 and Psv70), high friction surfacing, anti-skid surfacing, sand, concrete and concrete blocks, (depending on the location), all produced in accordance with the most up-to-date specifications and standards.

Arkil Ltd is an Irish Subsidiary of Arkil A/S, Haderslev, Denmark, an International Company from whom we receive huge support and back-up.

Arkil Ltd was previously known as Ove Arkil and Tarmak Co. Ltd.

Our main objectives are to produce and supply quality materials to the highest standards with Safety, Quality, Protection of the Environment and the wellbeing of our Staff, Neighbours and the Public to the foremost at all times.

Find out more about our high friction surfacing product

The natural anti-skid alternative to Calcined Bauxite


Our Business Description is as follows:

Producers of Road Materials, Civil Engineering Contractors and Quarry Operators including:
  • Drilling
  • Blasting and Crushing of rock
  • Supply and Placing of all Stone Products
  • High Friction Surfacing
  • Architectural Stone
  • Asphalts
  • Macadam’s
  • Concrete and Concrete Blocks
  • Road Construction and Road Repairs
  • Earthworks
  • Drainage
  • Services and Plant Hire
  • Building Contractors
  • Project Supervisor at Construction Stage
  • Property Owners

Arkils Clients include

  • Local Authorities,
  • National Roads Authority,
  • Other State Bodies,
  • Main Contractors
  • Private Individuals.

Number Employed

  • 50 Direct and 50 Sub-contracted.

Three Locations

  • Kildare,
  • Cork
  • Kerry.


Going Concern Purchased in 1988, Limestone Quarry, close to Dublin City, All types of Stone, including Excellent Clause 804, Natural Stone, Building Stone, Architectural Stone, Asphalts and Macadam’s.


Going Concern Purchased in 1994, Sandstone Quarry, close to Cork City, All types of stone, High PSV, (63), including Surface Dressing Chips, Natural Stone, Building Stone, Architectural Stone, Asphalts and Macadam’s.


Going Concern Purchased in 1998, on the Dingle Peninsula, Sandstone Quarry, Exceptionally High PSV, (73), All types of Stone, including High Friction Surfacing, Anti-skid surfacing, Natural Stone, Building Stone, Architectural Stone, Cold Mix Macadam, Concrete and Concrete Blocks.