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Cork: 021 4775988
Kerry: 066 9157300


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Drennenstown, Rathangan, Co. Kildare, Ireland.
Eircode: R51 YK27


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Ballyhandle Quarry, Crossbarry, Co.Cork, Ireland.
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Graigue, Lispole, Dingle Peninsula, Co. Kerry, Ireland.
Eircode: V92 NX86

Arkil Ltd is committed to producing High Quality Construction Products to meet the needs of all of its customers and clients requirements.

Arkil Ltd operates an integrated Quality, Environmental & Health and Safety Management system to ISO 45001:2018, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015  international standards to which we are certified at all three of our sites.

Our Asphalt Materials are put to Civil Engineering use in a wide range of Road Construction projects from Large Motorway Contracts down to Smaller Asphalt Driveways. Our Asphalt materials are produced in our two world renowned Bennighoven Tar Plants at Arkil’s Kildare & Cork Depots. In order to maintain a high quality end product Arkil carry out rigorous testing of all constituent materials on an ongoing daily basis by our laboratory technicians. Arkil’s commitment to Quality has been recognized by being certified to ISO 9001:2008, I.S EN 13108 Part 21 Factory Production Control for Asphalt Production an EN 206 Concrete Production.

Technical support is provided to Arkil by the Irish Tar Road Materials Laboratory based in Dublin. This Laboratory is capable of carrying out tests such as:

  • The Nottingham Asphalt Tester, Our Lab
  • Gyratory compactor
  • Roller compactor
  • Wheel tracker
  • Duriez test apparatus

  • Los Angeles Abrasion Machine
  • Marshall Test equipment
  • Carbolite ignition furnace
  • Leutner test apparatus


Fully Equipped on-site laboratory. Our trained laboratory technician is able to carry out Binder & grading analysis of our Asphalt materials along with Binder Pen & Softening point of bitumens. All constitution aggregates can be tested for PSD, WA, Flakiness Index. Arkil’s Laboratory technicians are also capable of follow up on site testing of the laid Asphalt Macadam. Testing such as Compaction Control using our Troxler Pavement Density Meter, Texture Depths, Carpet Tile Test, Core Analysis,


Fully Equipped on site laboratory. In addition to the above testing of Asphalts and Aggregates our Cork laboratory carry’s out further testing of their High Quality, High PSV chippings to meet the requirements for Surface dressing Chippings. Back up on site testing is also provided by our Cork Laboratory technician.


Certified to EN 206 and Newly built in 2012 our Kerry Concrete Laboratory is able to provide the testing required for Concrete production. These tests include making and curing of specimen cubes for compressed strength testing. The Quarry’s High PSV Aggregate(+72) are also tested on site to ensure the meet the strict requirements for Concrete production.

Arkil is also committed to providing a safe working environment for all of its employees and members of the public and also protecting the surrounding environment while also producing high quality Asphalt Macadam and Aggregate materials. Through an innovative Effective Software Health and safety management system Arkil can control all aspects of Health and Safety. This combined with on the ground monitoring of risk and safety to the environment and employees helps Arkil minimize the possibility of incidents and accidents occurring. Safety is paramount during the production of our Asphalt Macadam and our Aggregate materials. Arkil also use the an expert consultancy firm SLR to advise us on environmental matters and carry out environmental audits of the company’s premises and quarrying activities.

Our accreditation & Certifications

KILDARE - Drennenstown, Rathangan, Co. Kildare, Ireland. | R51 YK27 045 524520 | [email protected]

CORK - Ballyhandle Quarry, Crossbarry, Co.Cork, Ireland. | T12 DK46 021 4775988 | [email protected]

KERRY - Graigue, Lispole, Dingle Peninsula, Co. Kerry, Ireland. | V92 NX86 066 9157300 | [email protected]